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    Rob Colenso

    Rob Colenso is a senior product manager and UI/UX team lead with Total Wine & More, where he leads UX optimization efforts, teaches Design Thinking methods, and is building a product design practice.


    Journalists are PdMs too: 4 Tips From Reporters and Editors to Raise Your Product Game

    Product managers focus on the customer, journalists focus on the reader. Their terminology may be different, but reporters and editors share our passion for serving consumers and delivering on their needs. In this session led by a recovering journalist turned product manager and UX strategist, you'll learn what you can steal from the media to raise your game in Design Thinking methods including: Achieving empathy with the customer, interview techniques, synthesis and sense-making, and storytelling. 

    This session will be a short-format lecture covering four topic areas, including achieving customer empathy, interview techniques, synthesis and sense-making approaches, and storytelling techniques. Focus will be on providing actionable tips that can be applied in a product management practice.

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