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    Dave Zasada

    Dave is the Senior Vice President of Product Management at ACT. Upon joining ACT Dave built the product management team, structure and processes including implementing a disciplined portfolio management framework. Prior to joining ACT Dave has held executive product related positions at multiple companies where, over the course of his career, he has been responsible leading teams in the research, development, design, launch, and management of over 1,000 products across a variety of categories.  


    Horizon Planning: A Proven Framework for Managing Your Product Portfolio for the Near and Long Term

    One of the biggest challenges you face is being able to balance the need to keep your current product(s) competitive while, at the same time, investing in your future. How do you align your resources, metrics, and talent to ensure the long-term viability of your portfolio? Horizon Planning is a framework used successfully by innovative companies of all sizes to answer this question. Whether your portfolio consists of a single product or many, having a framework tailored to your unique business goals can assist with accelerating the sourcing and validation of new product concepts, establishing the discipline needed to address underperforming products, and making incremental innovations required to defend your core products.

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