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    Don Abraham

    Don is an innovation leader, applied foresight architect, board advisor, and strategy consultant to some of the most interesting and challenged brands and companies around the globe. He also continues to devote a significant percentage of his time to building client and internal teams understanding of how and why futures thinking is the ultimate tool to navigate both volatility and 21st Century business. His impact can be seen at the very front edge of business strategy at companies ranging from United Health Group and The Ford Motor Company to Mastercard and Virgin.

    Don has won awards for his strategic foresight, including a WPPed Cream Award for his work defining a Future Playbook for GlaxoSmithKline and a Kantar Measure of Inspiration Award for his efforts creating the North American Values Map for Kantar Futures. 

    Don joined Kantar Futures after driving the development and growth of the consulting practice at Social Technologies, where he developed a global practice in foresight. Don was previously a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Innovation, a leading think-tank that produced world-class perspectives on the future of business. Don began his career working at Innovation Focus, the worlds leading creative problem solving consultancy where he developed a practice on innovation for product development.

    Don was a leading force in the growth and global expansion of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) where he was a Director, international conference manager, and keynote presenter.  He was also on the launch team for the PDMA's New Product Development Professional certification program.

    Don has a B.A. in Political Science from Franklin & Marshall College and is a certified New Product Development Professional.


    Innovation 2025 - Where to Play and How to Win

    Where do you find long term innovation spaces? How do you shape your company or business for success over the next decade? This highly interactive session will share key future dynamics that are shaping the future of business and consumer life, provide a provocative look ahead at how those are converging to create new opportunities to innovate and leave participants with a fresh perspective on where today's volatility and uncertainty will net out. Led by former PDMA Board Member and founder of the NPDP process Don Abraham, this is a unique opportunity to think about the Fuzzy Front End and anticipate what comes next. 

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