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    Rob Shelton

    Rob Shelton is a world renowned practitioner, coach, speaker, and author on breakthrough innovation, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial excellence, and scaling to drive growth.

    Over the past thirty-five years, Rob has served as a trusted partner and advisor to senior executives at leading companies around the world including hi tech, financial services, health care, professional services, cleantech, telecoms, consumer goods and services, education, and government.As part of that work, Rob actively joined in the design, implementation, and operation of 33 leading edge innovation incubators, accelerators, and corporate ventures for major companies in the US, Europe, and Asia.

    Currently Rob coaches entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs around the globe to scale and sustain innovation and is an Executive Fellow at the MillerCenter for Social Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

    Rob was the founder and Global Lead of PwC’s Financial ServicesInnovation initiative providing growth and scaling for PwC’s $13 billion per year services and technology business. Prior to that, Rob led the global innovation Consulting Strategy Practice at PwC and PRTM (acquired by PTC) and spearheaded development and implementation of the proprietary approach for innovation-led growth and scaling based on leading practices gleaned from extensive benchmarking, data from over 1750 companies, ten years of Strategy & survey information, and hands on experience.

    Rob co-authored Making Innovation Work. The best selling book is in its second publication, 14th printing, and has been translated into 10languages. Rob was a co-founder of a clean tech incubator in Silicon Valleyselected as Best Business Incubator and one of the Ten Top Incubators.Rob was designated an Innovation Champion by the World EconomicForum and an invited speaker at Summer Davos, House of Commons, Stanford University, University of California, USC, MIT Media Labs, and Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley.Rob’s work has been highlighted in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The WallStreet Journal, Forbes, Forbes Japan, Financial Times, strategy+business, CNN Financial News, Fast Company, Bloomberg Radio, and NPR.


    Dragons Scale Naturally; Entrepreneurs Don’t

    Scaling a successful innovation across geographies and lines of business is the major challenge today for innovation organizations. Organizations today can usually generate winning ideas and turn them into commercial realities. However, taking the winning idea and scaling it is still a challenge.

    Scaling should be easy — take a winning innovation and reproduce it other places. But it doesn't work that way. It is a difficult process and the probabilities of success are low.  The presentation presents a synopsis pertinent perspectives of scaling including innovation survey information of over 1750 companies, deep-dive benchmarking of successful and unsuccessful scaling, and over 30 years experience.

    The hard-hitting presentation presents new information starting with a problem statement, then a framework for evaluating the probabilities of success, and flows into a description on how to make it work.

    • Problem statement: understanding why scaling is different from other innovation activities.
    • Framework: 4 Questions to guide the decisions regarding what, where, and how to scale
    • Making it work: teaming and execution for success

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