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    Tommi Forsström

    Tommi Forsström is a rehabilitated software engineer who found his true calling in Product Management over a decade-long gradual transition from Engineering to Product. Over his 20 years of building digital experiences he’s worked with companies ranging from tiny startups, to some of the biggest in the world, across multiple industries. In his current role as Vice President, Product for Motion and API at Shutterstock, Tommi leads the Motion and API product management, delivering content, creative tools and workflow solutions for existing and potential customers.


    Crushing The Walls Between Competencies To Build Superior Products

    The heart and soul of Agile Product Development is an autonomous cross-disciplinary team kept to a manageable size. But how do you scale this to enterprise-grade, when Agile by design, isn’t meant to scale? In this session we delve into how Shutterstock’s Tech, Product and Design teams build upon Agile best practices at scale, using tools like the Tribe / Squad / Chapter model as popularized by Spotify. We will also explore the role of Product Management as a multiplier, bringing together all relevant competencies throughout the entire lifecycle of a feature or product — from idea to delivery and beyond.

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