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    Michael Dalton

    Mike Dalton has more than 30 years of business and innovation expertise developed across a broad range of industries including 24 years of executive leadership experience within the SC Johnson family of companies. He holds an MBA in marketing and finance. 


    Making Reliable New Product Execution Your Competitive Edge

    Innovation author, consultant, and practitioner, Mike Dalton, makes a controversial claim: "Conventional innovation project and resource management approaches are hiding 50% or more of corporate new product development capacity." 

    In this fast-paced session, Mike will engage participants in exercises that explore the myths at the root of this problem and then share 7 proven strategies that you can begin using immediately to Unlock Your Innovation Productivity. All of these are backed up with stories from companies where Mike has seen these issues at play and helped companies to resolve them.

    The content is based on Mike's recently published second book - Unlocking Innovation Productivity.

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