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    Bob Caporale

    Bob Caporale is an internationally acclaimed thought leader on the subjects of strategic planning, product management, and business leadership. He uniquely draws upon a combination of diverse experiences as both a corporate leader and a musical composer.


    Finding the Inspiration For Your Next Strategic Plan

    Great strategy is like great art – it connects with people. It makes them feel something that they hadn't felt before. If we view strategy in this way, we’ll find that it is most effectively created, not by attempting to reinvent basic foundational strategic theory, but rather, by learning how to apply that theory in new and inventive ways. In short, we must learn how to adopt a creative strategic thought process.

    Using his highly-regarded book, Creative Strategy Generation (McGraw-Hill) as a guide, creative strategist Bob Caporale will show you how to build a highly effective and innovative product strategy by applying a 7-step creative process to some of the tried-and-true strategic business tools that have been successfully used for years. Weaving together examples from music, art and business, this highly interactive and engaging presentation will inspire you to compose your next business strategy rather than simply develop it!

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