2017 PDMA Competitive Edge Conference Speakers



    Sarah Robb O'Hagan
    CEO, Flywheel Sports



    World Class Product Leadership
    of amazing product teams
    and iconic product brands 

    Former Global President, Gatorade
    Past Executive, Virgin
    Past Executive, Nike
    Former President, Equinox

    Featured Speakers

    SpeakerHeadshot (15).png

    Don Abraham
    President, Consulting Services, Kantar Futures


    Carlos J. Barroso
    Senior Vice President, Global Research and Development and Quality, Campbell Soup Company

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    Bob Caporale
    President, Sequent Learning Networks

    SpeakerHeadshot (21).png

    Randy Rossi
    President, Bally Design Inc.


    Breakout Session Speakers

    SpeakerHeadshot (17).png

    Todd Abraham
    (Former) Senior Vice President of Research and Nutrition for Mondelez International

    ohagan (1).png

    Dan Adams
    President, The AIM Institute

    SpeakerHeadshot (7).png

    Jeanne Bradford
    Principal, TCGen, Inc.

    SpeakerHeadshot (8).png

    John Carter
    Principal, TCGen, Inc.

    ohagan (3).png

    Michael Dalton
    Managing Director, Guided Innovation Group, LLC

    ohagan (4).png

    Peter Duggan
    Senior Vice President, Computershare


    Bryan Elanko
    Commercialization Services, National Oilwell Varco

    SpeakerHeadshot (9).png

    Tommi Forsstrom
    Vice President, Product for Motion and API, Shutterstock

    SpeakerHeadshot (10).png

    Donovan Hardenbrook 

    SpeakerHeadshot (11).png

    David Kachoui, MBA, PMP
    Director of Business Development, Natech Plastics, Inc

    SpeakerHeadshot (12).png

    Randy Krum
    President and Chief Designer, InfoNewt, LLC

    SpeakerHeadshot (13).png

    Robert Male, PE PhD
    Manager, Design Producibility, L-3 Communications - CS West.

    SpeakerHeadshot (16).png

    Steve Meister
    President, Big Bang

    SpeakerHeadshot (1).png

    Dave Oventhal
    Senior Manager, Market and Product, Kawasaki Motors Corp., Inc.

    SpeakerHeadshot (2).png

    Colin Palombo
    Managing Partner, Innovation Framework Technologies

    SpeakerHeadshot (5).png

    Donald Ross, PhD, MBA
    President and Founder, Innovare Inc.

    SpeakerHeadshot (4).png

    Rob Shelton
    Executive Fellow, Miller Center

    SpeakerHeadshot (5).png

    Maria Thompson
    Director, Global Innovation Framework

    SpeakerHeadshot (6).png

    Yasmine Winkler
    Chief Executive Officer of the Central Region, UnitedHealthcare

    SpeakerHeadshot (19).png

    Teresa Jurgens-Kowal, PhD, NPDP
    President, Global NP Solutions

    SpeakerHeadshot (18).png

    Dave Zasada
    Senior Vice President of Product Management, ACT

    SpeakerHeadshot (20).png

    Joshua Louis Cohen, Esq.
    Shareholder and Director, RatnerPrestia

    SpeakerHeadshot (22).png

    Grant Zemont
    Senior Engagement Manager, Rego Consulting


    Bob Baron
    Vice President, Sensory Spectrum


    Chad McAllister
    Founder, Product Innovator Education

    SpeakerHeadshot (25).png

    Rob Colenso
    Senior Product Manager and UX Lead, Total Wine & More

    SpeakerHeadshot (24).png

    Susan Burek
    Program Manager, Stanely Black & Decker

    Mish (1).png

    Steven Haines
    CEO, Sequent Learning Networks

    SpeakerHeadshot (27).png

    Douglas Stone
    Founding Partner, Design Strategist

    SpeakerHeadshot (28).png

    Chris Frank
    Program Director, University of Minnesota

    katz (5).png

    Marc Meyer
    Professor, Northeastern University 


    Gerry Katz
    Vice Chairman, Applied Marketing Science, Inc.

    katz (1).png

    David Robertson
    Senior Lecturer, MIT School of Management

    katz (3).png

    Dipen Parikh
    Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    katz (2).png

    JJ Rorie
    Managing Director, Envision Advisory

    katz (4).png

    Gert Staal
    Co-Founder, TIM Foundation


    John Spero
    Praxair Inc.

    katz (6).png

    Charles Angell
    Modern Edge Inc.

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