NPDP Certification Prep Workshop


    New Product Development Professionals (NPDP) can take our NPDP Certification Prep Workshop and automatically renew their NPDP certification. Product managers and product teams can attend this workshop and prepare for the NPDP certification exam. The workshop focuses on our newly updated body of knowledge covered in our new PDMP Body of Knowledge Guidebook for Training and Certification. The workshop is led by PDMA Registered Education Providers and is included in the All-Access Pass.

    New Product Development Professional (NPDP) Certification supports product managers and product teams by increasing new product development productivity. Organizations using PDMA’s NPDP principles have superior results. The best organizations have an 82.2% new product success rate versus 52.9% for the rest (CPAS research 2012).

    This workshop is designed to cover the seven key subject areas of the PDMA Body of Knowledge represented on the NPDP certification exam.  

    The seven key subject areas of the NPDP certification exam include:

    1.     Strategy

    2.     Portfolio Management

    3.     New Products Process

    4.     Organizations, Teams and Culture

    5.     Tools and Metrics

    6.     Market Research

    7.     Life Cycle Management

    Participants will walk away prepared to apply the principles, techniques, tools, and ideas to the day-to-day challenges in their workplace, and together with the guidebook, be prepared to sit for the NPDP certification exam.  



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