OCI Panel Executive Panel

    Doug Laplante
    Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President of Strategy, New Pig


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    OCI Executive Panel: Sustaining Innovation Success AND Disrupting the Future

    About Doug

    Doug Laplante, leads the front end of New Pig’s innovation group and is responsible for creating strategies and insights to drive organic growth.  This includes not only product innovation but also innovation in marketing, operations and in New Pig’s business model.  In practice, this means Doug helps to lead process innovation and the innovation process.  Doug is a past board member for PDMA, the Product Development and Management Association. He loves to work on all aspects of innovation, hang out with his wife and 4 kids, and roast spectacular green coffees from around the world.

    New Pig is an environmental products company with a really odd name. New Pig develops, manufactures and markets products to clean up dirty wet messes in over 100,000 workplaces around the world.  With thousands of innovative products geared towards preventing and responding to chemical leaks, drips and spills, New Pig helps keep industrial, institutional and governmental facilities and the environment clean and safe.

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