Keynote Presentation

    Raleigh Gresham
    Director, Global Business Traveler Insights and Experience, InterContinental Hotels Group

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    Data as Innovation

    As product designers and managers, we've entered an unprecedented consumer era. It's now possible to engineer products and services that get to know our customers and act on that knowledge in dynamic and proprietary ways - ways other products and services cannot.

    Realizing this virtually limitless differentiation potential hinges on our ability as innovators to re-imagine the role data and analytics play in our designs. There is a long list of obvious, well-documented reasons (operational, technical, legal, political) that a uniquely constrained approach is required in order to create data-based product innovations.

    In this session, we will unpack the technical, cultural and behavioral phenomenon that are making these product innovations a reality. We'll cut through today's trendy hype surrounding data use and see why getting past the analysis is critical to bringing these innovations to life. Finally, we'll walk through a tested design framework capable of yielding product innovations that are rooted in the data assets found in large, complex organizations.

    About Raleigh

    Raleigh has built a career around designing ways for brands and organizations to truly put their information and data touse in pragmatically meaningful ways. Currently, Raleigh is turning data into hospitality as the Global Director of Business Traveler Insights and Experience at Intercontinental Hotels Group where his team is blending advanced analytics with service and experience design to create tailored moments of hospitality for IHG’s business travelers.

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