Keynote Presentation

    Alan Amling
    Vice President, UPS Supply Chain Solutions



    When Pigs Fly: Thriving in the Age of Disruption

    E-commerce, globalization and urbanization, combined with new technologies and business models, are disrupting industry stalwarts. These trends are changing the rules. When rules change, the impossible becomes possible…pigs begin to fly.

    Today, no company is immune from disruption. How should companies respond? When is product development not enough and business model innovation required? Learn how UPS is staying ahead of disruption and thriving using the example of 3D Printing, a game-changing technology that represents both threat and opportunity for companies around the globe. Lessons learned will be shared.

    About Alan

    Alan Amling leads UPS’s Global On-Demand Manufacturing initiative, helping global companies leverage 3D Printing to take time, cost and carbon out of their supply chain.  He moved into this role after service as VP Marketing for UPS Logistics & Distribution.  Prior to this, Alan served as head of the New Product Development Concepts Team, overseeing the development of some of UPS’s largest product and marketing initiatives. 

    Previously, Alan managed the development and marketing of UPS Trade Direct, the first wave of bundled supply chain solutions.

    Alan is also a TED speaker and on the advisory boards for Logistics Quarterly and the Reverse Logistics Association. He is currently is pursuing a Doctorate in Business at Kennesaw State University focused on business model innovation.

    Ted Talk

    Watch Alan's Ted Institute Talk below:

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