Keynote Presentation

    Dr. Erin O'Driscoll
    Global Ventures and Business Development Director, Dow Chemical

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    Three Pillars of Innovation

    Innovation in any company requires balance, weighing the immediate interests of shareholders against long-term growth that assures a successful company. For Dow Chemical, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, innovation in new product development, product differentiation and process optimization must deliver now more than ever. Key components of Dow’s successful innovation strategy include focus on sound innovation metrics, organizational design and unique capabilities that maximize efficiency, and a culture of collaboration to maximize our effectiveness.

    About Erin

    As the Global Ventures and Business Development Director for Dow Chemical, Erin manages a portfolio of internal and external growth projects prioritized across Dow Businesses that support corporate strategy and enable transformation.

    Erin’s has been involved in new business development at Dow for over 25 years in both R&D and commercial roles. She has lead efforts from early stage product inception through commercialization in a wide variety of technologies including renewable feedstocks, cellulosic derivatives, lithium ion batteries and markets including consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and energy storage.



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