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    Terry Jones
    Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer of Travelocity & Former Chairman of


    The Business of Innovation founder, Terry Jones explores the fundamentals of innovation: how to generate great ideas, how to "fail fast," how to kill projects without killing people, and how to experiment and "do more with less." Jones provides real-world examples from his experience at, on the boards of seven startups, and his consulting work with companies large and small. Many speakers talk about the future. Jones gives you step-by-step plans to envision it.

    About Terry

    Booking travel was made easy, accessible and self-reliant when Terry Jones disrupted the business of travel booking and founded, the first website that allowed consumers to reserve, book, and purchase travel online without going to a travel agency.

    With more than four decades in the travel industry, Jones began his career as a travel agent prior to joining American Airlines as Director of Product Development in 1978. He then served as Chief Information Officer and President of Computer Services at the airline’s digital reservations system, Sabre, Inc., and led product development, programming, and operations. In 1996, during his 24-year tenure, Jones created the revolutionary website, and led the company as President and CEO until 2002. He served as the Chairman of from inception until it was sold to Priceline for $1.8 billion, and is currently Executive Chairman of Wayblazer, a travel company based on IBM's Watson technology and Managing Principal of ON, Inc. a consultancy to help companies transition to the digital economy.

    The author of ON Innovation, Jones outlines simple, yet powerful ideas for fostering innovation in organizations of all types and sizes and the power of search and creativity in the digital age.

    With extensive expertise on the rapidly changing digital world and utilizing technology as a competitive advantage, Jones provides audiences with eye-opening insight on the advantages of being a disruptor and the business of innovation, including leadership in a wired world, the importance of building digital relationships, and the "third channel" - the idea that the internet can create the most personal customer relationship.

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