Participate in the Product Development and Management Association's collaborative and interactive education sessions to unleash your creativity. 

    You learn differently than you did when you were in school; you want information delivered in new and interesting ways. You learn best through shared experiences, seeing examples, talking to those who’ve done it; you want real world takeaways based on solutions that work.

    Learn to transform your ideas from the drawing board to successful final products. This year's robust schedule allows you to attend even more sessions in one track, or mix and match to meet your needs. 

    Continue to check back often for educational program updates.

    Education Tracks


    TRACK 1: Strategy and Discovery

    Come hear from experts regarding activities and methods to secure market insights.  Learn to develop NPD strategy that best aligns with company strategy and success. Experts will share stories, examples, and tools that contribute to better market understanding and strategies. 

    Topics may include:

    • NPD strategy as extension of company strategy
    • Anticipating, evaluating and adapting strategy to disruption
    • Assessing and building an innovation ecosystem
    • R&D:  future forecasting, market research


    TRACK 2: Disruption and Innovation

    A great idea is one thing, but turning that idea into a successful commercial product is where the true value is created. In this track, experts will discuss activities and methods that are used to uncover or derive innovative ways of solving customer problems. This also includes stories and examples used to create, develop, and deploy strategies that connect with customers, deliver value to your companies, and create competitive advantage.

    Topics may include:

    • Generating customer insights that signal disruptive opportunity
    • Innovation methodologies that harness disruption (includes open innovation, design-thinking, agile/lean)
    • Innovation beyond the product:  business model, financial, digital/technology, operational innovation
    • Shifting structures to drive innovation: incubators, corporate labs, outsourcing innovation, and other approaches
    • Validation


    TRACK 3: Product Commercialization and Execution

    You’ve developed a great solution for a market need – but before you can start counting revenue, you’ve got to get it into market, and then deliver on your value proposition – at scale. In this track, experts will discuss activities and share stories built around developing and/or launching great products and brands.

    Topics may include: 

    • Building convincing business case and forecast
    • Building to customer requirements – today and next-generation
    • Evolving the product mix to stay ahead of disruption
    • Supply chain and partnerships
    • Market development/Go to Market
    • Operations


    TRACK 4: Performance and Sustainability

    Come and learn from those who have applied novel and meaningful ways of measuring NPD success and how they have used these measurement processes and tools to lay a platform for continuous improvement. 

    Topics may include:

    • Re-strategizing across a portfolio
    • Optimizing and improving processes, products, and organizations for products currently in market
    • Performance measurement to drive decisions
    • Discontinuation/exit

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